Meeting Schedule

Please feel free to bring any images you would just like to show or get some input on to any meeting. Please keep the number of images to a reasonable amount and they can be presented if time permits.

View list of  Assigned Subjects below.

Next Meeting Agenda

Sept. 12, 2018

Welcome back.

First CCC meeting of the fall! Share some summer stuff! Perhaps a 5 min USB show! Bring a friend!

Show & Share; Outings sign-ups. Summer Shoot slide-show
Club members encouraged to volunteer to set up an outing or a class!


2017 – 2018 Assigned Subjects

  • September – Car Detail
  • October – Ugly Everything
  • November – Windows
  • January – City Lights
  • February – Kitchen Close-Up
  • March – High Shutter Speed
  • April – Motion
  • May – Chaos/Confusion/Messy