About the Club

Membership is approximately 30 people – experience varies from novice to the expert / professional. Many club members have won awards for their work as well have had their images chosen for use in commercial venues such as calendars, postcards etc.

Chartered in 1958.


Anyone is welcome to attend a couple of meetings to decide if the Chilliwack Camera Club is a good fit for them. Contact the club for details to participate in meetings and joining the club.. Paid members are welcome to participate in competitions and our “grab bag” image sharing nights, and to join us in our Facebook group.

Membership fee is $50 a year. Payment can be made by e-transfer. If you are not comfortable with e-transfers, please simply let us know and we can arrange for you to pay by cheque.

Meeting dates:

  • Twice a month on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday
  • Time: 7 pm

The club year runs from September to May


Minto Room: Evergreen Hall

  • 9291 Corbould St.
    Chilliwack, BC

Competition Nights

Each member brings one or two images for the membership to provide constructive critiques. It is through this activity that one can gain tips in improving their photographic techniques.

Theme Assignments

For assigned subjects we will pull either a topic, photography genre, or creativity exercise out of a “grab bag” and in the following month, members will submit up to 3 images that we will discuss.

Program Nights

Guests from other clubs that are located within the Fraser Valley and/or club members are invited to present a topic about photography or to demonstrate a technique.

Group Outings

Field trips are planned for each month. This is where members gather into car pools and travel to a special designated location. Member with more experience will share with the newer members on how to use the light most effectively to create an image.


Members within the club will gladly assist the beginner in learning more about cameras; tips for operating various pieces of equipment as well share their experience in obtaining that winning image.

Other Opportunities

The members’ photographic images can be viewed at the local library and on occasion at art galleries.

The Chilliwack Camera Club is a member of the Canadian Association for Photographic Art (CAPA)