Competition Guidelines

General Guidelines

  1. Only active (Dues paid) members are eligible to enter competitions.
  2. All entries must be the entrant’s original work.
  3. For assigned subjects we will pull either a topic, photography genre, or creativity exercise out of a “grab bag” and in the following month, members will submit up to 3 images that we will discuss. We will not have any editing restrictions on the images.

Guidelines for Digital Photo Competitions

  1. Photos must be resized to no more than 1400 pixels on the long side for horizontal images and no more than 1050 pixels on the long side for verticals. Please make sure the colour profile is sRGB.
  2. Methods are similar for different software. Several tutorials:
    • Photoshop – How to resize. How to set sRGB.
    • Photoshop Elements – How to resize.
    • Affinity Photo – Exporting
    • Image size visualEach image file name should show 1) your initials 2) competition category and 3) image title (in that order). Use a dash between your initials, competition category and image title. Like this DV-GB-Sunflower.jpg This means you have to rename the file (picture) itself, not just include the information in your email.

Indicate competition categories in the form of:

  • GB – Chilliwack Camera Club Grab Bag Subject
  • CAPAN – CAPA Nature
  • CAPABW – CAPA Black & White
  • CAPAART – CAPA Artistic
  • CAPAMUS – CAPA Music
  • CAPACOL – CAPA Colour
  • CAPAC – Canada My Country
  • FVI – Fraser Valley Invitational

As an example – If David Voth were to enter a photo called “Sunflower” for the Chilliwack Camera Club grab bag the filename would be like this DV-GB-Sunflower.jpg

Summer shoot only needs your initials followed by the subject and title. For example my entry for “Carnival fun” would be DV-Carnival_fun-Chilliwack_Fair.jpg

All entries should be sent to the club email address address.

All images should be submitted as high quality JPEG

CAPA Competitions

For complete and up to date rules for each competition visit the CAPA website. Rules for specific competitions the club enters are provided via the links on  the meeting schedule page.

** Note rules in CAPA’s Eligibility Criteria regarding artificial intelligence (AI) images and software. **